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Athi Musoke

Athi Musoke is a Pan-African artist who specialises in character design and realism painting. Raised in a multi-cultural home at the coast of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, it was here that he connected with the many people that provided the spark and inspiration that started his career as an artist.

Well versed in the both traditional and digital art, he strives to capture a level of realism that is balanced by expressive, evocative themes. The driving themes of his art is unity – finding harmony and beauty in nature as a form of therapy for the mind and soul and then expressing this through storytelling, game design or illustrations.

Athi sees his work as a portal, a gate into the dimension of imagination. “The link between physical man, and spiritual man, is intellectual man. Art helps me define these areas, find the link and live in it. Then take what I’ve found and create a map for the viewer to do the same”. Currently Athi is awaiting examination for his submitted Masters degree at Wits University, where he completed his Honours in Digital Arts and Undergrad in Game Design. When not knee deep in some oil paints, Athi can be found at the esoteric section of a book store or at the local arcades getting a good session of Tekken 7 in. 

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