Damn, looking back at these humble beginnings reminds me of when I just started messing around with photoshop, hacking together shortcuts and trying to make my own development pipeline. I can see the growth and maturity now, being able to look back and see where I began. 

I hope you enjoy reading this short story. Full description of it is underneath! 

Guardians of Origin (2013)

Ages come and pass, leaving behind only but fragments of a time long forgotten. Memories fade, leaving myth and time goes on regardless.
In the distant future, an Age still to come, or one that has long passed, man still prevails, but seems to have been born anew. The people of this time all live in a world not too unfamiliar to our own. Old monuments still stand as memoirs of a passed unknown to the new inhabitants. These inhabitants live in harmony with the nature around them, an all encompassing phenomenon that lives in harmony with it’s creatures. The Power Source , a tangible rare earth mineral, allows a select few people, called Gifted, to directly manipulate and control various elements around them-be it fire, water, air and so on. Those that cannot Channel pass what little of the Power Source they have to the next generation as an heirloom, in hopes that a Gifted successor will be able to utilize it in more than just décor.
A select few young, Gifted individuals from each district are trained by elders. All hoping to master what element they dare to manipulate. Those Gifted that are talented enough are chosen to join the Guardians of Origin: a secret society that lives to train and guard an un-tapped well of the omnipotent Power Source.
Our story follows the events that transpire around one such individual. A youth ignorant of his passed and unique in his Gifts. He has been chosen, amongst many, to participate in the quest to becoming a Guardian, but will he be able to tame the storm inside him before it tames him?

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