Man this had to be the funnest project that I have made to date! I submited this short comic as part of my masters research - the whole comic uses the technology of Augmented Reality(AR) to enhance the storytelling expereince. Please follow that AR link to see the full dissertation.

The AR is needed to see the dialogue options and can be downloadeded here on Android devices running Jellybeen 4.1 and higher (most smartphones can handle this). Just gotta have +-150MB of download space. Once downloaded, allow installation (it's not a virus, perfectly safe app), open it, and use it to look at the comic pages here to experience a whole new storytelling experience.

Can't download the app? Watch the AR vid beneath this comic, just keep scrolling down!
I hope you enjoy reading this short story. Full description of it is underneath! 

The Maar Awakening (2019)

Ages come and pass, leaving behind only but fragments of a time long forgotten. Memories fade, leaving myth and time goes on regardless.
In the distant future, an Age still to come, or one that has long passed, man has gone the Awakening; a collective evolution that sparked the birth of super-humans. Some humans were born with abilities that bend space and time, allowing the to perform abilities beyond our imagination. Others are born as human- animal hybrids, inheriting enhanced senses and abilities. Most of humanity is still cautious of this new species of Inhumans, causing war, genocide and discrimination against them

Some of these Inhumans band together into Guilds - groups that work together to uplift the reputation of inhumans. This story follows the story of a small group as they adventure through the futuristic dreamscape of Maar.

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