Custom Orders

To commission an artist is to order/authorize the production of art from them. Whether it's a cartoon portrait or your album art, environment concepts or 3D modeling. I got you! 


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I'm SO keen to collaborate with you, so don't be shy! Use the form below to contact me for orders, questions or any conversations. 


Size, medium, budget

Let me know the details of what you'd like to create. Who is it for?  Is it  a pencil sketch or digital colour painting? Is it game assets for your app, or 3D animations for your advert?
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My team will get back to you ASAP with a quotation for your order. See estimates blow and keep in mind that all orders require atleast 40% deposit before the art work shall begin

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And done!

Throughout the creative process, pictures shall be sent to you to show progress of your artwork. This is to ensure that we co-create this artwork together. 


"This artwork turned out so beautiful, thank you! It was a brilliant gift."

"As you sent me progress pictures of the artwork, it really felt like we were creating it together. The results looked even better in person."

"Thank you so much for this beautiful artwork. You're getting better with each artwork, keep up the excellent service."

-A4 print
-B/W Sketches

$ 30 estimate
  • These sketches are ideal for those with a tight budget, looking to plot ideas for a storyboard or a portrait for your besties work desk!
  • $15 per hour

-A3 Print
-Detailed Black/white

$ 50 estimate
  • This monochromatic look is Ideal for childrens stories, evocative album art or detailed pencil drawings that require quality with a budget
  • $15 per hour

-A2 Print
-Colour painting

$ 100 estimate
  • These colour commissions are essential for those who want to make an impression. Caricatured portraits, comics and detailed character sheets for films/games would fall here
  • $20 per hour

Premium Colour
AR commissions
3D Modeling

$ 200 estimate
  • Premium colour is for those who can afford my full power. You're work will be put on the top of my commissions list with maximum time and energy given to it to achieve an iconic level of detail and realism.
  • $20 per hour