Acrylic,oil or mixed media paintings done on paper or canvas. All orders shall be packaged and deliveried within 5 business days



2D illustrations and 3D Models done to build words and communicate to viewers as Music album covers, bilboards, game assets or animation



All digital artwork can be ordered or commissioned as prints - high quality glossy paper printouts that come in mint condition



Read some of the comics and stories that I've made for personal jobs and clients alike

Statement of Intent

The driving theme of Athi's art is unity - finding harmony and beauty in nature as a form of therapy for the mind and soul and then expressing this through storytelling, digital design or illustrations. Creating rapport in viewers through ever more immersive world and character creation is a major highlight for Athi. Similarly, this realism is drawn with abstraction meeting realism to result in surreal themes that explore spirituality and the lived experience. Athi sees his work as a portal, a gate into the dimension of imagination. “The link between physical man, and spiritual man, is intellectual man. Art helps me define these areas, find the link and live in it through creating art. And watch as the arts create me in return. I take what I’ve found and create an artwork that works as a map for the viewer to do the same”.

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