World building down to the pixel

3D modeling and design services allow one to truly visualise and create worlds that immerse an audience. Whether you need animation services for your advert campaign, or 3D models for a simulation - don't hesitate to contact us so we can get a quotation up for you. The image on the right is from Zorn, a 3D video game set in a dystopian future Wits University. This game was submitted as my Honours project, download it or check out the youtube video here

A variety of packages and 3D modeling services are available to you, each catered to meet your demands in a unique fashion. 

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To commission an artist is to order/authorize the production of art from them. Whether it's a cartoon portrait or your album art, environment concepts or 3D modeling. I got you!



All the comics I've worked on can be read for free on this website! Just hit Learn More to get started

Augmented Reality (AR)


AR is cutting edge technology that allows viewers to place virtual information in the space around them

3D Design


Whether you want to create an animated short, video game assets or 3D Models for your simulations, hit learn more to see what's on offer

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