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Augmented Reality allows for people to impregnate the world around them with digital information. Using your camera lense as a filter, one can allow the virtual world to enter the physical world.

The image on the right is taken from the comic Maar, this comic was developed as an AR storytelling experience and submitted as part of Athi Musoke's Masters Dissertation. The youtube video, AR application and full description can be found here

Pricing for Augmented Reality jobs varies and can be range far and wide depending on your requirements for the AR application. Please don't hestitatate to use the below links to contact me about further information

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To commission an artist is to order/authorize the production of art from them. Whether it's a cartoon portrait or your album art, environment concepts or 3D modeling. I got you!



All the comics I've worked on can be read for free on this website! Just hit Learn More to get started

Augmented Reality (AR)


AR is cutting edge technology that allows viewers to place virtual information in the space around them

3D Design


Whether you want to create an animated short, video game assets or 3D Models for your simulations, hit learn more to see what's on offer

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